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Primal Patch Notes #1

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Greetings, Primal has went through several improvements, here is the following updates.


Server Adjustments

  • Theatre of Blood
    • Justiciar set has been added
      • However, the set bonus is not added because we don't want to Divine Spirit Shield. We're open to have a set effect later on.
    • Avernic Defender has been added and is now is the best in slot defender.
    • Ghrazi Rapier is now added with the proper attack animations and statistics.
  • Theatre of Blood Minigame
    • Currently, the Minigame is under further testing, however, several fixes have been addressed for the release of the minigame.
      • DawnBringer has been nerfed and has had the max total damaged reduced by 33%.
    • Verzik (The source of our headaches.)
      • Lady Verzik has now had her attack timer reduced. She now attacks at a slower pace to give you more time to get behind the pillar.
      • Lady Verzik also has had her damage reduced by 20%.
        • Lady Verzik has lost her ability to 1 bang you.
      • Lady Verzik should honor your hiding behind pillars, but if you get too close she will punish you.
    • You are now able to leave the mini game after opening the chests by using the door or the teleport crystal. They both serve the same function.

Content Improvements

  • New Pets
    • Several followers have found there way into Primal.
      • Youngllef
        • Corrupted Youngllef
          • These will be a reward from Agility and will be much more rare than the standard Agility Pet. 
      • Smolcano
        • This will be a reward from mining, and will be much more rare than the standard Mining Pet.
          • Smolcano will also be able to be found in any ore, including Stardust.
  • Neitiznot Faceguard
    • Neitiznot faceguard is now create-able and will be obtainable on launch in it's correct dungeon.
      • Correct OSRS and proper character adjustments have been added.
  • Inquisitor's Armour
  • Inquisitor's Armour has been added with the correct stats.
    • We're still debating on the set effect for this set, however, at the current state there is no set bonus.
    • We're looking at ways to implement this set into the game, we're currently thinking of adding it to the Wilderness Bosses and blood money rewards.
  • Starter Changes
    • The Normal starter title is no longer added on logging in, however, you still have the option of putting it on.
    • Classic Mode is now selectable, and you can choose if you want a classic or regular mode on login.
    • Slayer Tasks are no longer assigned on account creation to make sure you know what task you have.
  • Server Intergration
    • Primal is now fully integrated with our Discord.
    • Primal is also now fully integrated with Twitter. 
      • Any Rare Drop, Pet Drop, or anything worth mentioning will be shouted for everyone in the world to see!
  • Raids 1:
    • Great Olm is now fully functional. 
      • You may teleport to Olm using the teleport handler or using the command ::raids, ::olm.
      • The Ladder now is the only way to exit Raids One.
    • Great Olm has been added to the Collection Log.
      • Proper Tracking is added for the Great Olm.
      • At 100 KC you will unlock the title, Of Xeric. 
    • Any Rare Drop from Raids will be announced on our Twitter. We'll be doing a few events with this as the server gets closer to that time.

Bug Fixes:

  • Several objects have been removed that were incorrectly spawned.
    • The Random Rainbow Chickens at home are just a visual glitch but have been removed, if you are having issues and still are seeing this in other regions, please let us know.
  • Presets now allow to be both opened and saved. Please let us know if you find any more issues with the current system.
  • The Banks at home are now use-able and fully functioning besides the second and click options. Those will be added with the next update.
  • Text above head is now visible to all players that are within the view distance. This bug took several hours of debugging and was a much bigger issue than we thought it was.
  • Star Dust no longer spawns random nulled star sprites in your inventory.










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