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Greetings, Here is some server updates from the past week 🙂

  • Donator Zone Rework
    • Donator Zone has now been reworked and now is live in the game, you can get there using the commands "Dzone", and "Dz".
    • Woodcutting
      • Several trees have been planted and are ready for the Donators to chop down.
        • 4 Magic Trees have been planted on the East Side of the Island.
        • 3 Yew Trees have been planted on the West Side of the Island.
    • Mining
      • Several Rare ores have been found around the Donation Zone
        • 3 Runite Ores have been found in a weird triangle pattern.
        • 3 Adamantite have been found in a weird triangle pattern.
        • 3 Gem Rocks have been found in a weird straight line pattern.
      • A Banker has also made his way around there somewhere, perhaps he would like a share of the rare minerals.
    • Hunting
      • If you're into hunting, several  red chins have been spotted near the magic trees.
    • Thieving
      • Donator Stalls have been spotted near the banks at home. They can give you coins or gems depending on your luck.
        • Also, it's been noted that Rockys favorite Stall are also located there.
    • Slayer
      • Mazchna has been assigned to stand over and watch the gem stalls. He's been known to get easily get side tracked and can still assign slayer tasks.
      • He is also found near the teleport location for the Donator Zone.
    • Shop
      • A custom shop that only exclusive to Donators is also found in our donator zone on the East Side.
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