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At Primal, we take our security of our server very seriously. We have taken actions to better secure our data and make sure that your data does not become compromised like other servers. Currently, our Data is loaded via a file server that is hosted within our server, and that allows us to provide a more safe and effective product for you all.

We've also taken the time to insure all passwords are encrypted on login to insure that if a Leak ever does occur, your data is not useable.

-Primal Staff

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In addition to this, we are now requiring that users register on the forums to create an account. This will allow for better synchronization across Primal, the forums and Discord. This will make sure that account passwords are kept encrypted and secure. Please do note we DO NOT store any passwords in plain text. This ensures your passwords stay secure in the event of a data breach. 


Your security is our #1 priority. 

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